Why Should You Invest in Corporate Video Production?

In an increasingly competitive world, it is important for a business to be heard apart from the crowd. Be it adopting innovative traditional or digital marketing techniques, it all circles down to the same aspect of innovation. This can be achieved with a corporate video. A corporate video is one that is made by the businesses itself, which tells the viewer about a certain product or service it has to offer. Often, this is told in a creative way. Ideally, corporate videos perform the following functions:

  • Explain product/service in an easy manner
  • Market them to the viewer, creating brand awareness
  • Provide training
  • Inform

Accounting for all the utilities it serves, it is a reasonable investment for most companies who want to create persuasive corporate videos. However, foraying into the realm of video marketing can be intimidating in the beginning. The following are a few pointers that will help you understand why it is a good investment:

Brand Showcase

A corporate video is a creative way to showcase your product or service. This gives your potential customers a different perspective to understand your product or service. That being said, it also helps new customers to understand what your business is all about. If not done already, your business should do it right away as many brands have been capitalizing on this particular marketing trend.

A corporate video essentially packs all the relevant information and presents it in a more appealing way to the customers. If it is set on the website’s homepage, it can act as an incubator for the new as well as current customers seeking more information of the new launches and upgrades in the service or product.

Defies Geographical Boundaries

Digital marketing has an edge over traditional marketing due to the fact that it defies geographical boundaries. A business being permanent to one location may seek potential customers from a different location altogether. Doing so via video marketing can bring profitable results as a corporate video enhances the digital accessibility of the business. This accessibility is obtained by social media and website. In other words, an integrated marketing approach will only amplify the reach of the brand, of which corporate video has a crucial standpoint. Also, staying relevant is the key, which means these videos must be continuously updated from time to time.

 Great Boost for SEO Efforts

Google ranks videos higher than articles. This calls for accentuating your online SEO efforts by incorporating corporate videos. Good video translates to better page ranking and eventually more traffic to the website.  A good video can be leveraged to optimize social media marketing too. The approach to leveraging video content lies with the businesses and a unique strategy can be devised according to its business needs.

 Sharable on Various Channels

Now, every media file is sharable across all the networking or microblogging sites known like Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Real-time, humor-packed and intellectual content is the most widely shared types of content. Making a corporate video packed with all these characteristics can guarantee to some level the perception of the video content as positive and share-worthy. More shares eventually increase the digital footprints and hence the popularity of the product or service.

 Corporate Videos Help Your Brand Differentiate

Your customers are spoilt for choices and if at all they have to pick one, they rely on the brand recall factor. Brand recall can be established by building a better brand experience and improve customer engagement and more. Special attention must be paid to brand experience as if some customers might get irked with the content being portrayed. This results in a negative perception, which in turn will harm the product/business.

The corporate video plays an important role in the marketing efforts. A sound investment made in this can make a world of difference to the growth scale as businesses that have corporate videos are proven to fare better than the ones that don’t have it.


Santosh is an international development specialist and author of several publications on socio economic development. Santosh is a regular contributor to online article sites on the topics of on line education, underserved peoples, scholarship and educational excellence.

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